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Candia Old Home Day - Come see us at the New "Old Library" on Aug 28th!

As many of you may know, I have been working with the Trustees and the Selectmen to manage the renovation of the Smyth Memorial Building at 194 High Street. I want to invite you to come and see the great work of our team this summer, as we have brought renewed life to our wonderful building. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, and the talent of our contractors, we have seen significant progress since our start date in middle June. A new well, septic and approach; all new electrical and plumbing; new HVAC; a bright and strong tile floor downstairs; new bathroom and kitchenette, and a fresh coat of paint here and there. And all this with careful attention to maintaining the historic beauty and value of this legacy building.

At Old Home Day, Saturday August 28 from 1-3pm, the new, “Old Library” awaits your visit.

We also welcome and need more financial support. The whole project is budgeted out at $150,000. Several generous donors, a foundation grant, as well as the in-kind generosity of our contractors has brought us to within striking distance. A final $40,000 is needed to meet this budget and finish off the project. Click here to view our giving page.

The vision for the renewed SMB is for JRHS to use it during the school day hours, and other community groups to use it thereafter. Growing up in Candia, I know how much I use to love walking in, and there was smiling Mrs. Brown to greet me. I look forward to years ahead of important things happening at the Smyth Memorial Building. Perhaps old Governor Smyth is smiling upon us, as we take his generous gift from the 1930s, and continue the legacy of education in our town.

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