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Introducing Carter Martens – Biology and Chemistry

We are pleased to introduce Mr. Carter Martens to the JRHS teaching Faculty this fall! Mr. Martens comes highly recommended from one of our chapel speakers, and it has been a joy to get to know him this summer. A Elmira College Graduate with degrees in Biology and Secondary Education, Mr. Martens is ready to serve the JRHS families. He attended the New Family Orientation recently. Here is a bit about him:

What do you love about teaching? "I think a big part of teaching at the high school level is that students are just starting to discover who they are and who God made them to be. Watching someone discover a purpose or passion, especially one for the Kingdom of God, is very exciting."

What do you see about JRHS that is intriguing to you? "One of the things I am most excited about working at JRHS is being on staff with a community of fellow believers who will pray with and for each other and the students. A big draw that stood out to me at JRHS is the project based learning curriculum."

How do you see yourself adding to the program? "I look forward to being able to contribute my love of learning new things as well as being able to teach some new skills as I share my passion for science and Jesus."

What do you like to do recreationally? "In my free time I love outdoor recreation, especially skiing in the winter. I also love martial arts and have three black belts. Lastly, I love playing games; both video games, (my favorite is probably the Halo series), and old school board games; but I especially love role playing games like Dungeons and Dragons."

Where do you go to Church? I grew up in Manchester Vineyard Community Church and I continue to go there now with my family.

Anything else that is interesting about you? I have a beautiful pet bunny!



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