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Jacob Samuelson Receives GSCSA's Timothy Award

On February 6th at the Annual GSCSA Awards Banquet, we celebrated the work of one of the newer recruits to the JRHS Team, Jacob Samuelson. For me personally, it has been a blessing to bring a capable and vibrant “Twenty Something” onto the JRHS Team. This young man is in his fourth year with us, and has proven himself both a capable teacher, as well as school leader as he has progressively taken on increased responsibility.

Jacob graduated from Houghton College in 2016 , studying secondary education. While at HC, Jacob also played on the Lacrosse team. In the fall, I contacted the Education department, and asked for the best Humanities teacher they had, and Jacob’s supervisor recommended him without reservation. I met Jacob on campus in January of his Senior year, and he started with us in the fall. Since his start with us, Jacob has taught:

- Freshmen Humanities – the Ancient World

- Sophomore Humanities – the Twentieth Century

- Junior/Senior Humanities – Western Civ or American Studies

- English 10

We all know that in the Christian school, the duties go far beyond the work of the classroom, and Jacob has not shied away from several campus duties, ranging from the daily cleaning duties, to Project leadership, lunch time fun with students, snow shoveling the many walks around campus with the faculty and students, leading on mission trips, and all kinds of adventure in the Outdoor Education program.

We also laud Jacob for at least two new initiatives he has formed at JRHS, the Lacrosse team, and the Maker Space project. These are examples of him taking something unique of himself and sharing it with the students. The lacrosse team started with a handful of boys, and now is poised to have competitive games this spring. Makerspace was merely an idea, and now we have a group of students doing great 3D design and print work.

Jacob is also preparing for greater things in the years ahead and is finishing his first year at the Gordon College Master of Leadership program. Now that I am rounding the corner of the “three quarter mark” of my career in Christian education, it is rewarding to see a young man stepping into Christian School leadership.

We were blessed to have several members of our Board, Faculty, Staff and Parents to celebrate with us. More, Jacob’s parents drove in from western PA for this special moment. It is our great honor that Jacob Samuelson received this year’s Timothy Award! The Timothy Award recognizes "a Christian educator near the early stage of his or her career, who has already demonstrated excellence in advancing Christian schooling." Praise God!

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