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Join us in welcoming Miss Marissa Fuller to the JRHS community!

We are pleased to announce the newest Faculty Member to JRHS – Miss Marissa Fuller. Miss Fuller is ready to take on her new duties in English, Humanities, Spanish and Projects. She will be teaching the English 9 and English 10 classes, as well as rolling out our new program of classroom Spanish. Yes indeed, we are blessed to announce we have accomplished the long-awaited goal of offering our students classroom, teacher-led Foreign Language learning this year, featuring Spanish. Initially, students can take a level one or level two Spanish class, and we will plan to grow from this modest start.

In Project Based Learning, Marissa is going to add to our Arts and Humanities efforts, bringing strengths to us in choral leading, piano instruction and drama. Marissa also brings coaching experience to the table, most recently in basketball, and is looking forward to working with Coach Anna and our Girls Team.

Marissa comes to us having recently taught 4 years at Victory Christian School in Londonderry. As well as figuring out her new life at JRHS, Miss Fuller is also in year 2 of her Master’s in Educational Leadership at Pensacola Christian College.

In the interview process, Marissa impressed the team with her eagerness, maturity of communication, and overall bent towards excellence in all she does. “My objective as an educator is first and foremost to teach Truth in a way that reflects the Christian worldview. As a Christian educator, I believe truth should be paramount in each class, to prepare students for their next stage in life, whether that be college, trade school, or entrepreneurship.”

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