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JRHS Choir to present at Candia Church, Friday December 17, 7pm

By Jackie Lacy, Board Member

Advent and Christmas are wonderful times for singing, and quarter two at Jesse Remington High School means it’s time to form the Christmas Choir. They come together, each with their own set of gifts and talents, to create a beautiful sound. They become a collection of student voices and instruments to celebrate the birth of our Savior.

JRHS fans and friends are invited to enjoy the “Celebration of Talent” on Friday evening December 17, at 7pm at the Candia Congregational Church. On this special evening, the choir will perform under the leadership of Director Kara Boulay and Accompanist Marissa Fuller. The Choir has been working hard each week since early October to bring you this night of worship, reflection and celebration. These sacred and seasonal pieces are sure to add a special element to the Christmas season. Some of our guests will remember our concluding anthem, “Behold our God,” a piece rich with the message of eternal hope that Jesus brings to the world.

If we could compare their first practice with their final presentation, we would notice how much the group has grown. It takes the whole group coming together as one through practice, collaboration, and perseverance to create a special performance. They have been given an opportunity to hone their skills and gain new ones. And they will minister to us through the art of music.

The JRHS Choir has been performing for over 20 years, and many of us likely recall the masterful leadership of Director Nancy Shillaber and Accompanist Diane Philbrick. Their choirs blessed the gathered crowds at Lights on the Hill each year. Perhaps their legacy can be summed up by the testimony of one of their former choristers, Melissa Lacy:

“I love Mrs. Shillaber, a lifelong friend of mine, and her role in teaching the choir encouraged me greatly in my love for music and singing. Mrs. Shillaber made a way for me to grow in my skills and have confidence in different vocal ranges. She also gave us the opportunity to incorporate playing our own instruments in choir which made it more special and enjoyable. Choir was valuable for me every year, always filling me up with excitement and readiness for our rehearsals. Even after graduating JRHS, I was thankful to have the opportunity to join the 2019 Lights in the Hill choir with Mrs. Mitchell. I would join the choir group every year if I could, since it was such a sweet memory for me. “

We hope to see you at the JRHS Christmas Concert – December 17, 7pm.

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