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JRHS Introduces Four New Team Members

This fall, we are pleased to announce four new members on the Leadership Team, and two new roles. Recently, I interviewed each of my new players, and this is what they had to say:

"Hello, my name is Amy Smith. I am pleased to pilot the new College and Career Advising program at JRHS this year and am getting myself more familiar with our Naviance program every day. I graduated from Moody Bible Institute, with a BS in Theology in 2018. I am currently studying at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, pursuing a master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling, and a expected to graduate in 2021.

I don’t have a lot of hobbies, and here are my top picks: hiking, running, reading, drawing, and trying to find the best cup of coffee.

I am new to the JRHS Faculty team, and each week, I enjoy seeing students recognize their potential. Also, I appreciate that everyone involved is striving towards a common goal. I hope to aid students in the process of self-discovery as they discern how God is using and will use them."


"Hello, my name is Christopher Knecht, and I am enjoying teaching math, ESL and projects this first year at JRHS. I originally hail from Oil City, Pennsylvania, but more recently from Buffalo, NY. I studied Mathematics and Adolescence Education at Houghton College, graduating in 2016. In my free time, you could find me throwing on the disc golf course, playing a board game with friends, or travelling to a new part of the world. These days, most of my time is spent at Jesse Remington, where I very much appreciate the Christian community and family atmosphere that makes the long days seem shorter. I hope that my time this year will encourage students to reach out to those around them who are not part of the Family of Believers, so they can be adopted into the hope of Christ."


"Hello, my name is Brock Allen, and am enjoying this first quarter of teaching English writing to the Freshmen class. It is fitting that I am commissioned to teach the IEW course, as I remember it to be both formative and challenging for me as a student. I attended Patrick Henry College and studied Classical Liberal Arts. I enjoy writing fiction, reading Great Books, and watching excellent literature. I adore my students. Every morning I observe their diligence, wit, and kindness. I desire to train erudite writers who will excellently express the sanctification of Christ while at JRHS and later, throughout the world."


"Hello, my name is Emily Galatis, and I am excited to be working for JRHS in Marketing and Development. I am quite connected to JRHS, given that I graduated from JRHS in 2015, then went on to Gordon College, earning a BA in Communication Arts in 2019.

I don’t have a lot of free time, because I am doing four different jobs right now, so free time is hard to come by. But baking is always a go to of mine, especially since the months are getting colder - cookies specifically. Add in some good friends, some board games, great music, and things are looking real good!

Since graduating college, I've picked up reading again. You can usually find me writing, whether that be creative stuff, letters, or just journaling. I have both interest and skill in video, and that is one way I am helping at JRHS. What I like about working at Jesse is being a part of such a great community. I feel so encouraged in all the work I do and feel like I am truly on a team. I love that I get to do something I love for a school I love and believe in. I hope I can help share how amazing the school is, expanding our repertoire of how we share Jesse with others."



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