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JRHS Summer Program with Korean Wales International School

JRHS is blessed to host a Summer Language and Culture Institute with the Korean Wales International Christian School. Students from South Korea are at JRHS for two weeks, June 25-July 7, experiencing life in New England as they work on their language and academic skills.

Jacob Samuelson is the Director of the Institute, and Student Interns Angela Dow and Ellie Philbrick are leading with Jacob. JRHS teachers Karen Trudeau and Kathi Clark are teaching discipline specific lessons each day.  Adding significant value to the team has been JRHS students who have volunteered for parts of the program, including Mike Colombo, Marcus Drew, Amanda Crawford, Elizabeth Galatis, Leira Seewer,  Keagan Morganthal, Besse Deacon, Kate Jeanes, and others.

The vision is for the JRHS Team to offer engaging cultural experiences for the Korean Students, all the while the students are working on their English language and understanding of American Culture. Activities have included rehearsing and performing a play, book making, sports and games of several varieties, and outings to local and state destinations.

JRHS hopes to form a mutually beneficial relationship with KWICS, as both institutions seek to glorify God through the education of youth to be the next generation of global leaders for Jesus Christ.

Our readers who want to learn more about KWICS can go to

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