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Mountain Hiking at JRHS

By Dan Burgher, OE Director

Mountain hiking has been a staple of the JRHS Outdoor Education Program from the earliest days. In fact, the very first day of school in the fall of 1992 was a trek up Mount Monadnock! A hike is a great opportunity to build community, a JRHS hallmark concept. We do this by committing to join together as a team and persevere in the task of climbing up to gain the summit. We work through the sore muscles and stinging lungs all for the glorious mountain top experience, which then requires us to turn around and safely descend back to the normality of everyday life.

On the summit we can see how far we have traveled and consider what it took to get there. The ups and downs. The steep sections. The mental strength required to keep playing the positive message in your brain that says, “I can do this”.

The view on a clear day is amazing. God’s creation is on full display for our benefit. A true example of His awesome power and glory. And yes, there are days when the weather does not cooperate, and out “views’ have to be internal realities.

Hiking is a metaphor for life. We are on a path together. There are good days and bad. Sometimes we strive and make it to the goal only to find out that the summit is obscured by clouds. It teaches us to push through the difficult parts so we can enjoy the rewards later. On the best of days everything comes together and we are blessed.

Looking forward to many more adventures.

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