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Reflections from Team Uganda's 'Team Mom' & Photographer

By Kim Rairdon

Summing up my week in one sentence is a difficult thing. While being behind the camera to document our trip, I’ve gotten a peek into the intimate interactions of our students and chaperones with the multitude of students, teachers and staff we have encountered. The camera often puts a distance between myself and the subject, similar to the way we’ve kept the problems of the world in view but not personal.

I found myself needing and wanting to come out from behind the camera both physically and metaphorically and engage and embrace the people and their needs. By putting down my guard, I was able to create friendships that will last, and put faces and names to a part of the world that always existed behind someone else’s lens. I hope that through these pictures and videos, the team will be able to visually present their experience of sharing the love of Christ with the beautiful people of Uganda.

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