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Rivendell Raising Weekend

Anyone driving by Jesse Remington High School this week undoubtedly noted the beautiful new timber frame pavilion on the side lawn. A group of ten students had the blessing and opportunity to work on this legacy project over this school year. The pavilion features an intricate and majestic king truss designed by Joel Whitlock (‘06). Project leader Jeff Philbrick worked with the students over the course of the year to form all the joinery. Friday, June 4 was “show day”, with the crane arriving at campus mid morning. By noontime, the main structure was complete, and by the end of day one, everyone had much to be proud of. The crew started again Saturday morning and worked throughout the hot spring day. Parents and friends joined at lunchtime for a wonderful barbeque and dedication of the building, complete with a bronze plaque containing the names of the students! The pavilion is appropriately named “Rivendell”, taken from Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings—a place of rest and preparation.

Click below to view photos and video from the Raising of Rivendell!

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