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Senior Feature: Adalie Kamerman

Adalie Kamerman began her Junior year at Jesse Remington as a transfer student. She remembers the warm welcome she received and immediately loved the JRHS culture where, “Everyone wants to get along with everyone.” Relationships grew through the rich experiences that JRHS has provided for her. Hiking in a group of peers on retreats and exploring the outdoors in new ways with her friends in Outdoor Ed both developed life-long friendships and gave her a greater appreciation for God’s amazing creation. Lunchtime on the basketball court and evening practice with the team are highlights of her time at JRHS. One of her greatest memories is being on the team that won the 2021 State Basketball Championship. Adalie, of course, was a strong leader on the team and co-captained this year helping them to win another trophy.

In addition to sports fun, she was also motivated by all her studies, and grew to enjoy science and math. Understanding her gifts and talents, she has decided that this coming fall she will stay here in her home State of New Hampshire in order to attend NHTI in Concord. There she will study Health Sciences for two years and afterwards pursue a certification in Sonography.

She praises God for the amazing influence the entire JRHS community has had on her life, and she is looking forward to what God will do as she continues having had a life-enriching high school experience at JRHS.

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