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Senior Feature: Andrew Higgins

Andrew credits the Makerspace project class for significantly forming him into who he is today as it helped him to learn a new skill that he enjoys. He adds, “[Makerspace] helped me to learn from my mistakes and adapt to certain problems. When designing my chess set, I made it larger than the printer would be able to handle and shrunk it down from there. Unfortunately, I had made slots for the pieces to fit into, and when everything scaled down the difference between the bottom of the pieces and the size of the hole was incredibly small, so it took a significant amount of physical effort to fit them in. This was amended with some sanding, but the experience helped me to focus more on size and scaling during future works. My final unit of Makerspace involved learning a new program, which was a more capable program but also more difficult to use. I had to use my previous skills and adapt to the new program in order to make my new final project.”

When looking back at which teacher impacted him during his time at JRHS, Andrew answered “Although all the teachers have had a great impact on me during my time at Jesse Remington, the most influential would have to be Ms. Wilderman. She taught most of my math classes during my time here, and has helped to inspire me and lead me towards my current intended career path. Her positive attitude towards her subjects and life in general have helped to keep me, and many other students, invested in learning and enjoying life as we move through high school. Her encouragement to her students helps even the most frustrating units to be much more enjoyable, and she is always willing to provide extra help if there’s anything we don’t understand.”

Andrew will be attending Cairn University in Pennsylvania. His current plan is to major in Math Education, with the goal of becoming a late Middle School to High School Math Teacher. He became interested in Math through helping classmates during work sessions, and children during Mission Trips, as well as through the wonderful teachers he had at JRHS. He said his Math teachers showed how valuable good teaching can be. White attending Cairn, he plans to join the brand new Lacrosse team, which was he first learned to play at JRHS under the coaching of Mr. Samuelson.

In the next five years, Andrew sees himself as a new Math teacher in a school where he is able to express his faith. “I am excited to see whether God leads me to this in a Christian school like Jesse Remington, or in a more public school demonstrating my faith,” he added.

Isaiah 40:31 is the scripture verse Andrew goes to for inspiration. It reads, ““but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.” This verse gives him encouragement, because it reminds him that no matter how much he’s been through, God will keep him going. He also adds, “The verse is also special to me because I can relate the whole verse, but especially “soar on wings like eagles” to my journey through Boy Scouts. It was a lot of tiring work, but a very worthwhile task that I’m glad I pursued.”

Lastly, Andrew shares, “My advice to the underclassmen would be to focus on the parts of school you enjoy, whether that be friends, specific classes, or just learning in general. The last bit of Senior Year has been hard for me because I spent too much time focusing on how much time was left, rather than experiencing the individual pieces. Even beyond school, finding joy in smaller events instead of focusing on how much time you have left will make a great difference in your attitude. It won’t make everything enjoyable, but it will be much better if you enjoy the journey, rather than just looking forward to the destination.”



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