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Senior Feature: Nathaniel Croley

Nathaniel Croley has been a student at Jesse Remington for all four high school years. Having always enjoyed the outdoors, Jesse Remington has been the ideal place for him to grow and learn during these last four years. Other than his academic growth, Nate has also developed his love for God and others through the mission trips that he has had the opportunities to serve in. Jesse Remington has a spiritually formative emphasis that Nate understood as important.

Around Jesse Remington, Nathaniel Croley has undoubtedly become the “tech-guy.” His talent for understanding the workings and codings of technology is surely a gift that has been developed through personal interests as well as project classes offered at JRHS. For instance, Makerspace has taught him that he has an

engineer’s mind, and he is passionate about creating by using technology. At Liberty University, Nate will continue to develop his God-given talents by studying mechanical engineering.

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