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Team Hungry Visits the Elderly and Prepares for Youth Event

By Susan Sicard

The team was warmly welcomed at the Elderly home. Many came to a 10 am Church Service. They enjoyed listening to the team sing and the message we prepared based on the last days of Jesus' life leading up to the Cross. We were especially blessed to have several elderly residents share with us about their lives. The oldest resident (103) shared that the key to living long is to “not stress and go to sleep with peace in your heart each night”. The day was warm enough to take several on a walk out in the sun. Although it was a challenge to communicate, everyone found ways to connect.

The experience at the Human day care center was very good for everyone. Our team prepared a message based on the wordless book and had a craft for the people to enjoy. Everyone participated and created lovely cross bookmarks. Then we listened to some of their songs and some played board games. The staff was appreciative of our time shared with them.

In preparation for the youth event, we helped with a tree limb clean-up project in front of the church. The team has a big day ahead with 90 youth coming for the Good Friday Crossroad event. Nimrod is very thankful as this represents two years of building relationships with other youth groups. It is an exciting time for us all.

We were blessed to share dinner as a team with the Vikorek family. This was a special time of fellowship. The students also enjoyed playing basketball.

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