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The Final Reflections from Team Uganda

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

To hear incredible testimonies from Team Uganda and also Team Detroit, Team Hungary and Team Monadnock, please come to our Mission Trip Testimony Night April 28th at 6:30 pm. The event takes place in the Fellowship Hall of the CCC located 1 South Road in Candia.


“During this trip, I grew a lot in my respect for what I have and what America has. I was blessed by the people of Uganda so much. They really showed me how to be thankful even if you have little.”


“I had an amazing experience in Uganda and will forever remember being able to respond to the questions the girls in Palissa asked me about the Gospel, and sharing the Gospel with them.”


“Coming into this trip was really daunting and I had to learn to really lean on God. The Ugandans have so much less than us, but make so much more of it and trust God to handle the rest - and that’s super cool.”


“It was so amazing to be able to impact rural students and to see the change in the Pallisa students’ eyes when they learned that we were students, too! It helped so much to be able to connect with them and share the Gospel from the point of view of a peer.”


“In Uganda, I saw people who had so much less than I do, yet they were both careful and eager to use everything they had to spread the Gospel. Seeing people who were truly using everything they had for God was both encouraging and convicting.”


“It seemed to me, the children in Palissa were hungry for Hope and the reassurance that God sees and loves them. One 7th grade girl confided that her parent was dying and asked, “How will I get through such hard things?” What could I say? Only that I knew life contained numerous challenges for all of us, and while the Lord does not remove those hardships, He promised to sustain us through them. I shared some scripture with her, including the one God had shown me earlier that morning from Psalm 138:3, “When I called you, you answered me. My strength of soul you increased.”


“One big takeaway for me is the wonder and awe of finding “kindred spirits” in my many new friends in Uganda. It was such an unexpected blessing to be seated at dinner or walk a path with people from 7,000 miles away and living very different lives, yet the bond of Christ that we shared was so evident and the day to day struggles of parenting, marriage, the pressures of life were the same as well.”


“The trip has been a reminder to be grateful for the things you are given as well as a reminder to rely on God and trust in Him with all we do. Seeing all the schools in Pallisa was eye opening and a great reminder to be thankful for the smallest things. This trip has also shown me that when you are doing work for the Lord such as this, He provides. He has provided strength and words through this whole trip for me.”


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