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Thursday Morning's Update from Team Uganda

Our JRHS Administrator, Cheryl Crawford, spent an hour or so with the Word of Life Administration team this week. They were very interested to learn about how our school runs and asked about our document organization, interactions between teachers and staff and how we create an environment of good will and trust.

Cheryl learned that despite us being from different continents, we share similar struggles, planning and filing methods and goals.

Cheryl, Gloria, Mildred and Rhionah were blessed by their time together and reflected on the importance of administration, while often behind the scene, to the common goal of Christian education.

Yesterday, the team had a ceremony where they presented books and uniforms that we transported for them. What a blessing!

Today, the Word of Life International School is putting on their Easter Pageant. Our students have been helping the teachers to prepare and practice this week and today! The kids are all so excited! After this, they will all go one a five week break.

Our students have been sharing their reflections about their experiences so far being out in the Mission field. Here's what they've been sharing so far:

From Silas:

"Working with the kids here in Uganda has been a blessing. Many of the children open their hearts to the Lord and truly want to know more about Christ which is beautiful:

From Hailey:

This past week has really shown me how to be grateful for what I have back home. The smiles the children have even though they have nothing was incredible."

From Tim:

"God has grown my gratitude for the things He has given to me and for the gifts He has bestowed on me."

From Mr. Michalman:

"It is such a blessing to travel 7,000 miles and meet total strangers that know and praise God. It creates an instant connection."

From Lilly:

"I have grown in understanding of other cultures and have seen God work in many ways. I now have an even greater appreciation of the things I have in my life."

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